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Everyone is celebrating the New Year, and we, also the new ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation!
ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services Requirements for Translation Services
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ProfPerevod Translation Company provides diversified translation and interpretation services. We translate texts on various subjects and offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

Our Company works with corporate clients and individuals, providing terminologically consistent translations from more than 40 languages of the world.

ProfPerevod Translation Company offers translation of: 

  • highly specialized technical texts: operation manuals, process descriptions, requirements specifications, feasibility studies and reports
  • scientific articles and papers, research and experiment materials
  • financial, accounting and contractual documentation
  • works of literature, social and political essays, poetry
  • site materials, newslines, web archives
  • software content

We also provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services at events of different levels, ranging from summit and high-level meetings to conferences, symposia, seminars and lectures, as well as language services during pre-commissioning, equipment installation, erection supervision and other activities at various kinds of industrial facilities.

Our Company renders a full range of associated services, such as notarization of translations, legalization (apostille), copy and stylistic editing, cross-cultural adaptation, proofreading and editing by native speakers, layout in any format, prepress and printing.

Quality of Services

ProfPerevod Translation Company is proud of an outstanding quality of its services, our key priority and strength in the past, at present and in the future.

ProfPerevod employs best Russian translators, editors and proofreaders. The Company has an in-house desktop publishing and prepress department and a courier service; we engage native speakers as stylistic editors and the best, thoroughly selected specialist freelancers from Moscow, other Russian regions and foreign countries. All of them without exception are professional linguists who have more than 10 years? record of work, a comprehensive experience and profound knowledge in specific areas, and specialize in translation of texts in particular fields. We are proud of our cooperation with real professionals, our translators, interpreters and editors; it is their knowledge and experience that enable our Company to provide translation of specialized texts with the highest possible quality. The work of ProfPerevod Translation Company has been highly appreciated both by commercial organizations and government bodies.

Pricing Policy

ProfPerevod Translation Company offers discounts and special terms for various translation, interpretation and associated services depending on the service package and scope. We are always ready to discuss the details of our cooperation and offer you the most convenient terms of service.

We grant attractive discounts on large translation orders. Our regular corporate clients enjoy special terms for express translation services with a low or no surcharge for urgent requests.

Our clients appreciate our customized approach, which no money can buy.

The Company’ motto is «From Words to Business». And this is really the way we work: regardless of the time of day and the day of week, we will do everything necessary to ensure that the Words we translate for you yield the maximum benefit to your Business!

We are always ready to discuss the conditions of your order and to come to a mutually beneficial solution.

Work Hours

Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

A visit to our office outside these hours is possible by prior arrangement.

During non-working hours, the orders for translation and interpretation services are taken by our on-duty manager who can be reached via our 24-hours customer support line at +7 (495) 22-33-406.

Translation Order

A translation order can be placed by completing an order form on our website or by sending the text to be translated at our e-mail address. Just leave your contact details — our managers will evaluate the complexity and specifics of your material and will promptly get in touch with you to agree upon the time and price of work.

If for technical reasons you cannot send a document by e-mail, our courier will come to your office. This service is free of charge.

Interpretation Order (Consecutive/Simultaneous Interpretation)

An order for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services can be placed by calling our 24-hours customer support desk at 

+7 (495) 22-33-406

A high quality of our services and respect of the Client are our standard principle of work.

ProfPerevod Translation Company in Figures:

  • more than 18 years of work in the field of translation, information and consulting services;
  • more than 130,000 successfully fulfilled orders,
  • over 1,500,000 pages of total written translations,
  • over 150,000 hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation,
  • over 8,000 pages per month — our normal output at average workload,
  • more than 400 regular corporate clients served on a contractual basis.

Being our regular client is profitable, reliable and convenient!

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