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Everyone is celebrating the New Year, and we, also the new ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation!
ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services Requirements for Translation Services
15 years
We are happy to inform our clients
ProfPerevod participated in the VI Translation Forum Russia
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Starting up a business is always a challenging task. Louis Vuitton, the founder of a large fashion empire, used to be a porter. He was carrying heavy, bulky luggage to and fro all day round, and then came up with an idea how to make suitcases more durable and convenient. And created his own brand. Bill Gates wrote his first programs in a family garage on a primitive computer, and then created the Microsoft empire.

Some Milestones in Our Development:

  • 1996 . The founder of the Company begins work as a translator, and then as a manager in a major international translation center.
  • 1998 . The year of actual creation of ProfPerevod Translation Company. We are entrusted with the first orders.
  • 1999 . The number of our regular clients grows. The number of employees doubles.
  • 2000. The first autonomous office is opened. The number of regular corporate clients increases to 20. 
  • 2001 . The number of translated pages exceeds 100,000.
  • 2002 . The number of employees triples as compared to 1998. 50 corporate clients are served on a permanent contractual basis.
  • 2003 . Expansive growth of the Company in the Moscow market. Awards in 2 major tenders for translation in the oil &gas sector. The number of translated pages hits the 150,000 mark.
  • 2004 . Over 4,000 hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation provided at summit and high-level events. An in-house prepress and desktop publishing department is created.
  • 2005 . The package of services expands to 48 items as compared to 8 in 1998. More than 100 corporate clients have concluded a permanent service contract with our Company.
  • 2006 . More than 200,000 pages translated over the previous 5 years, over 9,000 hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation provided by our interpreters at events of various formats and levels.
    The achievements of our Company are highly appreciated by the Russian and Moscow Consumer Rights Protection Foundations. The Company is awarded Best in Moscow, Best in Moscow Region, Best in Russia Certificates.
    The Company completes rebranding and enters the market under the ProfPerevod brand.
  • 2009 - Opening of the company branch in Saint Petersburg; beginning of regional expansion.
  • 2010 - Opening of new company office in Moscow; we are expanding geographically. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary by promoting active growth and development.
    Our achievements:
    • More than 40,000 successfully completed orders,
    • More than 500,000 pages of written translations,
    • More than 10,000 hours of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation,
    • More than 5,000 pages per month our productivity at average workload,
    • More than 300 corporate clients on permanent contracts.
  • 2011 - Opening of a second office in Saint Petersburg and a fourth office in Moscow.
  • A certificate for Innovative management in the sphere of translation services was awarded to our company.
  • 2012 . The Profperevod Company has become an associated member of the Union of Translators of Russia.
  • Membership in the UTR allows our company to take an active part in discussing different issues and resolving current problems related to our field of the profession. Thanks to the many years of experience on the translation market, we also put forth our own suggestions on the development of the translation field as a professional business activity.
  • ProfPerevod is an official partner and sponsor of Translation Forum Russia 2012 (www.tconference.ru )
  • Our company has become the official partner and sponsor of the national translation conference Translation Forum Russia 2012

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