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Everyone is celebrating the New Year, and we, also the new ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation!
ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services Requirements for Translation Services
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ProfPerevod participated in the VI Translation Forum Russia
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Advantages of Corporate Cooperation

  1. One-Stop Buy

We have in our portfolio all the services you need. This means that all the matters associated with translation, desktop publishing, notarization, apostille, consecutive or simultaneous interpretation will be handled by our specialists.
You will not have to look for various providers of all these types of services: we will save your time, and it will be easier for you to control all the work processes handled by a single reliable partner.

  1. Priority of Orders

Your orders have priority for us, which means that the best translation and editing staff resources will be engaged to work on your orders. Your orders will be always fulfilled on time regardless of our current workload.

  1. Personal Account Manager

If you are our regular client, you should be already personally and well acquainted with your account manager. He or she understands you at half a word, doesn?t need to be told the history of relationships or reminded that the title of your senior executive officer must be translated as Chairman of the Board and in no other way, or that the standards, policies, by-laws and regulations of your company have to be translated using your corporate glossary, including the latest updates. Your account manager knows this very well and will not forget to inform about it all those who are involved in fulfilling your order even if you forget to remind him or her about this, and will also control all stages of work. Your account manager can be contacted 24 hours a day because you have his or her direct telephone number.

  1. Permanent Workgroup

If, as a rule, you order in our Company large-volume technical translations with subsequent layout in the original format and production of 5,000 copies, then:
This means that we have formed a permanent workgroup consisting of translators, an editor, a layout designer and a print designer. All members of the workgroup well know the specifics of your orders and terminology, continuously update the terminological base and actively use the corporate glossary supplied by you. You have got used to the style of our translators and editor a long time ago, and that is why all your orders are assigned to the same workgroup members, because it is important for us to make sure that you receive high quality work. As always.

  1. Compilation and Maintenance of Corporate Glossaries

In general, any long-term project involves specific terminology. Our editor will compile, agree upon and update the corporate terminological database in close cooperation with an authorized employee of your company.
This means that when the volume of your documentation increases 10-fold and we engage new specialists to take part in your project, the quality and terminological consistency of translation will remain invariably high.

  1. Test Translation

You can order a free test translation to satisfy yourself that the Words in our Company do not disagree with Business. We accept up to 1 standard page of text in any format and on any subject. You will promptly get a sample test to asses the quality of our service.

  1. Free Delivery by Courier

Most of our corporate customers have already appreciated the convenience of this service. You will not have to spend time of your staff on delivering boxes with documentation or files with presentations to our office. They will unnoticeably disappear from your office and will equally unnoticeably return to it translated, because our couriers are polite, punctual, helpful and unnoticeable.

  1. System of Discounts and Bonuses

And, finally, the most pleasant thing  discounts and bonuses. We give one-off (volume-based) discounts and cumulative discounts (for regular clients).
How to pay less? The answer is trivial: order more.
Or conclude an exclusive language services agreement with us for a term from 1 year, and you will get special rates.
Our most loyal clients, those who have been working with us since 1998, have stopped checking our price list long ago. Why should they do it? They enjoy their own special rates, which have been earned through time and confidence in us. 

Download Translation Services Agreement in the Microsoft Word (DOC) format

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