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ProfPerevod Translation Company provides skilled interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at official and informal corporate events:

  • business negotiations, presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, court hearings;
  • seminars, symposia, conferences;
  • corporate parties, team building, excursion programs.

ProfPerevod also provides expert interpreters proficient both in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation to interpret during pre-commissioning, equipment installation, erection supervision activities, audits and trainings at all kinds of industrial facilities.

Oral translation is divided into consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is oral translation of a speaker?s words during sense-pauses made by the speaker. This type of interpretation is usually required at business negotiations with a limited number of participants and for brief public speeches. At major events with a large number of participants (conferences, seminars, symposia) simultaneous interpretation is used more frequently. This method of interpretation saves time and allows for presentation of speech in multiple languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is oral translation of spoken language into another language at the same time and same rate of speech as the speaker. As a rule, an interpreter is located in a separate booth and the translation is transmitted to earphones provided to each participant.

Simultaneous interpretation has a number of indisputable advantages over consecutive interpretation:

  • permits the use of several languages at international events;
  • an event takes place «in real time», without unavoidable pauses. The contact with the audience is not interrupted, and it is much easier for listeners to understand the message when they hear it via their earphones in the native language. In addition to these obvious advantages, simultaneous interpretation allows to avoid extra costs associated with additional time of rent.

Simultaneous interpretation is one of our strengths. We employ best simultaneous interpreters in main European languages. We also offer rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

ProfPerevod Translation Company guarantees that in selecting an interpreter for you we take into account all specifics of your event. For this purpose, we ask our clients to submit orders for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in advance and to supply relevant information on the subject matter to ensure that the interpreter can get prepared to work in a most efficient manner.

Our interpreters are never late, and their appearance is always appropriate to the level of the event. An interpreter is not only «a language», but also «the face» of your company. We will make sure that this «face» is attractive and competent.

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