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PromAvtoContract LLC
22/30 Prospekt Andropova, 115533, Moscow
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PromAvtoContract is a distributor of a wide range of components, instruments and tools supplied via RS Components — an extensive, professional technical catalogue. At present we are beginning translation of the English-language RS catalogue guide into Russian. Work of this kind requires not only a good knowledge of terminology, but also the ability to understand the English text designed for practitioners and to convey the meaning in a manner understandable to Russian specialists. PropPerevod staff quickly coped with the RS catalogue on CD ROM and delivered to us an accurately translated text in Russian, which is understandable to specialists and meets our strict requirements.

The competent work done by translators of ProfPerevod Translation Company (Aqueduct XXI Century LLC) proved to be acceptable both for us in Russia and for our British partners. We particularly want to note a high professional level of the company?s translators, their competence in our subject matters, the company?s reliability, responsiveness and a level of translation which meets international standards. ProfPerevod Translation Company is our reliable partner.

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Semenov,
Deputy General Director

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