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Dear clients, dear friends.

The summer has slipped away, Golden Autumn rustles with yellow leaves underfoot. The vacation season has come to an end, summer cottages are being closed and their owners are returning to their apartments and beginning to prepare for the first frosts.

In spite of the coming cold weather, we at ProfPerevod Translation Company keep our spirits up, looking forward to the harvest together with all our friends, and are pleased to inform you about the launch of our GOLDEN Autumn Promotion. Throughout this autumn we will grant you an up to 15% discount on translations from/into major European languages.

Lay your tables, gather your friends, enjoy the last warm days. Do not give way to melancholy of rain and snow.

And we in our turn promise to take upon ourselves all your concerns about translations during this autumn.

GOLDEN Autumn – the velvet season of translations.

You can find more details about this promotion by calling at. +7(495)22 33 406.