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Spring is HERE!

Dear clients and friends of the ProfPerevod Company,

Spring is HERE!

The first warm spring sunrays have started warming up the soil; the first flowers peek out from under the melting snow. Yellow colours on a grey day in March… In April, the birds of passage will return; we will put our winter clothing away in the closet; and we will all get a second wind. May will burst upon the city with the first sounds of thunder and green trees; new life will murmur in the noise of flowing fountains.

The ProfPerevod Company extends its warmest greetings to everyone on the occasion of this long-awaited spring, and announces the beginning of its promotional campaign – “Spring is HERE!”, whereby we are pleased to offer you discounts of up to 15% on all translations within the group of major European languages.

Enjoy life and the beauty of our world; go roller-skating and play badminton; but most important of all – preserve Nature!

We will take the responsibility for your translations.

“Spring is HERE! – but translations do not melt away!”

You can learn the details of our promotional campaign by calling: +7 495 22-33-406