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Promotional campaign – “SUMMERTIME!” – up to 15% discount on all translations within the group of major European languages

“SUMMERTIME!” is on the way!
Your best friend “ProfPerevod” is here
Ready to please all clients far and near!

Dear friends!

Summer has finally arrived! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the world is suffused with new colors and light.

The ProfPerevod Company and our clients are very happy to enjoy the summer warmth.

Striving to preserve your peace of mind and inner balance during the holiday season, we would like to announce the launch of a new discount promotion – “SUMMERTIME!” For three months – June, July, and August – we offer discounts of up to 15% on translations included in the group of major European languages.

Efficient and prompt,
Stylistically accurate,
Thoroughly revised,
Absolutely competent.

“SUMMERTIME!” — it’s time to get that translation done!

You can find out more about our promotion by calling +7 495 22-33-406