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Additional services

Editing By a Native Speaker

Any translation, whether existing or ordered with us, may be proofread and edited by a specialist native speaker on request.

Now ordering a package consisting of translation plus editing by a native speaker is essentially cheaper than ordering each service separately.

Why is it so important that a translation intended for a foreign-language audience is checked by a native speaker?

As a matter of fact, for a foreign reader any translation, even made by the best, talented translator, will remain a translation and will be perceived as a foreign text.

Our native speaker stylist will adapt a translation so that a foreign-language reader will perceive the document as authentic, i.e. written by a native speaker of the same language.

This first of all applies to translations of websites, press releases, presentations and, more generally, to any translation into a foreign language addressed to a foreign-language audience.

Desktop Publishing and Prepress Services

The modern translation process goes hand-in-hand with preparation of a document for printing and layout in various formats.

We have an in-house DTP and Prepress Department, and there are practically no impossible tasks for us.

You have received an instruction on paper and AutoCad drawings — you will get a fully formatted document in any designer package of your choice (QuarkXpress, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, MS Office, etc.).

You have a lengthy brochure for a grinding machine — we will deliver to you 500 copies of translated, formatted, bound and printed material.

User manuals for most software and hardware products of major European and American manufacturers are predominantly supplied in the pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format — we translate and lay out thousands of pages of such manuals every month.

Delivery by Courier

Most of our corporate customers have already appreciated the convenience of this service. You will not have to spend time of your staff on delivering boxes with documentation or files with presentations to our office. They will unnoticeably disappear from your office and will equally unnoticeably return to it translated, because our couriers are polite, punctual, helpful and … unnoticeable.

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