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ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation!


Everyone is celebrating the New Year, and we, also the new ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation! 

Dear partners, colleagues, and friends, 

We are happy to report that this year has provided us another reason to be proud. We have just recently completed re-accreditation and been certified to ISO 17100:2015 “Translation services - Requirements for translation services”, an international standard for translation service providers. This time our choice fell on DQS, a Frankfurt-based (Germany) international audit and accreditation holding, which became our auditors. 

The audit was preceded by a long-time and meticulous work: We reviewed and redefined all the processes, evaluated and re-evaluated risks, and optimized the company structure. It took two complete days to carry out the audit, during which the DQS’s auditors step by step studied the company’s affairs, requested and received all the regulatory documents relating to the company’s internal and external procedures, interviewed representatives of all the company’s departments and functions, contractors, editors, and, by the end of the second day, an auditor’s report was read out in front of the company’s management. The final “verdict” of the report was as follow: ProfPerevod has successfully gained ISO 17100-2015 – THAT'S GREAT! 

All our team expresses deep gratitude to DQS, an international audit and accreditation holding, and personally to its auditors, who carried out the accreditation testing, and wishes happy upcoming New Year 2018 to everyone!