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Diplomas and Awards


For more than 18 years now, ProfPerevod has been providing the full scope of translation and related services; constantly improves its qualifications and does its best to follow all current market trends. These achievements caught the eye of authoritative independent agency Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) which placed our company at the 16th place in the ranking of the largest translation companies of Eastern Europe based on the results of 2018. Number of employees and offices, as well as annual income are the core indicators used by CSA for its annual rankings.

We are happy and proud to inform you that on 22 November 2018, our company successfully passed the first recertification audit for compliance with the international standard ISO 17100:2015 Translation services - Requirements for translation services. As in the previous year, the audit was carried out by the Russian branch of DQS, an international audit and certification company.
Everyone is celebrating the New Year, and we, also the new ISO 17100:2015 international accreditation!
ProfPerevod… There’s no such thing as too much quality!
ProfPerevod … quality may not be excessive!
ProfPerevod confirmed its full compliance with all the standards
We are proud to announce that ProfPerevod Company has become one of the top 25 Russian-language translation companies, for which it was awarded a corresponding certificate.
We are proud to announce that in June 2012 our company received an Associate Member Certificate of the Union of Translators of Russia.
In February 2006 our Company was awarded the «Best in Russia», «Best in Moscow» and «Best in Moscow Region» Certificates in the category Best Translation Market Services Operators.